Services We Provide

Rocket Digital offers IT consulting services, as well as IT-based marketing and advertising services.
Through our IT consulting services, we are able to offer our clients the following:

• IT strategy development and planning
• Information management
• Storage services
• Designing, testing, implementing and monitoring new systems

Our digital marketing services encompass the following:

• Market Research
• Marketing strategy planning
• Content development and management
• Creative design
• App creation
• Social Media marketing
• Mobile marketing

HR Consultancy Services

Rocket Digital provides clients with a continuum of services to manage their human resources functions. Our core services include the following:

• Recruitment – assessment and selection
• Training and development
• Employee appraisal
• Remuneration
• Communications, including employee surveys
• Recordkeeping
• Health and benefits

About Us

Rocket Digital Private Limited is an IT and Human Resources (HR) consulting services company. As an organisation, we strive to provide you with customised and innovative solutions for the challenges and issues confronting the most critical aspects of your firm’s operations and strategic initiatives. Our IT division aims to anticipate your technology needs in order to help you achieve operational efficiency and boost productivity as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. While our focus is always on our client’s bottom line, our approach is holistic, taking into account the entirety of your company’s functions and objectives in order to produce IT solutions that are not only highly effective, but also sustainable and adaptable to suit your evolving needs and demands. While our IT department tends to your firm’s information technology, our HR division will take care of your people. Our human resources management team will help integrate your HR practices, procedures and programmes seamlessly into your daily operations. In order to ensure the continued success of your organisation, we will help you in attracting, retaining and cultivating a workforce that is productive, professional, committed to excellence, and in sync with the firm’s mission and goals. Furthermore, our IT and HR departments will work hand in hand to refine all your HR-related processes to derive greater value from your people, while simultaneously streamlining services and diminishing costs. Launch your business to a new level of efficiency and growth with Rocket Digital!

About the Founder As the Director of Rocket Digital Pvt. Ltd. Prashant Parikh has been actively investing in upcoming technologies and companies, primarily on the online side. Prior to founding Rocket Digital, Prashant was the Founder, CEO of, India’s fastest growing web hosting provider. In 2012, was acquired by Directi, a 350+ million dollar business group that develops innovative mass-market web products. Prashant specialises in online retail, branding, online marketing and advertising, hosting, user interface design, digital strategy, web analytics and online infrastructure services such as data centres and server farms. Creative and results-oriented, Prashant advises a variety of retail businesses on their online business strategy. Prashant holds a BSc in Finance from DePaul University, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University.